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Janzy, the radical guitar player!


My name is matt and i live in Canada, AND I DONT LIVE IN AN IGLOO YOU STUPID AMERICANS!  I like perogies, onions and waffles in the morning and lots of other food.  I have a guitar (her name is cheryl) and I just blew my amp so im screwd for the next couple of days.  I like music, led zep, guns and roses, bon jovi, and... oh yes... EAGLES!

Computers are funny but they always screw up one way or the other.  Family guy on tv has to be the funniest show ever.  Babes are kool, except for the fat ones who call me "goggle guy" at volleyball tourneys... AHH... stupid fat chicks. Ummm what else.  Hmmm, Oh ya... Stay in school and don't do drugs.

Lease On Life